Have You Chosen Your Word of The Year?

Have You Chosen Your Word of The Year?
Happy 2017!

Nick and I spent New Year's Day on a  day-long retreat hosted by our brilliant and wonderful friends Tami and Nikki.

Though it's been our tradition to spend the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve in reflection and then intention-setting mode, arriving at a word we want to guide the coming year, this year I had a really hard time choosing my word.

I normally have my word chosen by January 1.  But this year, I was stumped. 

2016 was a year of incredible growth for me personally and professionally.  When I found out I was pregnant over the summer, things slowed waaaaaaay down, though.  I spent the last 5 months of the year struggling against the need to physically rest and the desire to keep plugging along at the speed and stamina I've always been used to.

And with so many unknowns in the next few months (ahem, Baby's gonna be here in a handful of weeks) I felt hesitant to commit to a word.

Thankfully, with some gentle nudging from my friends and from Nick, I was guided through a series of questions that helped me arrive at my word for 2017.  

The word?  EASE.

I chose EASE because it encompasses the feeling I want in my personal life, as I transition into motherhood, and as my team and I continue to make an impact through our efforts at Compliment.

EASE is different to me than "easy."  Ease (to me) means that I'm allowing for the space I need for the unknown to happen.  It means that I'm not in reaction mode, but by choosing to take inspired action now, I can set myself up for greater ease later.  I can say no to things that keep me busy for the sake of being busy and welcome new opportunities to flow to me with EASE.  Physically, I am meditating on my body EASING into giving birth.  And if all does not go according to plan, my intention is to lean into the flow of it all, easing along with the current, rather than swimming against it.

Allowing more EASE into my life is looking like more planning ahead than I'm used to.  And I think that's a very important way I'm meant to grow this year.

Today, I found this candid picture that my dear friend Lindsey, from The Joy Archival  snapped a few months ago (pre-preggo belly!) This is going on my vision board. It's a visual of the way I want to feel this year.

Straight up EASE, right there!  (The more giggles, the better.)

Did you choose a word to guide your year?  How do you arrive at it?  

Still have yet to choose your word?  

Here are some of the most impactful questions that allowed me the space to determine mine (thanks again to Tami and Nikki!)

  • Why do you think you need this word and all that it manifests in 2017?
  • What would embodying this word daily look like for you?
  • What happens if you don't choose this word this year?
  • If you embody this word daily, how will your life be different at the end of 2017?

I'm super curious to know your word of the year, if you've chosen one.  Comment below and let me know!  

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