Creating Confidence + Conquering Fear
A Masterclass That Will Inspire You to
Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life.

Ever catch yourself doubting your greatness?

Your abilities?

Your strength?

Your beauty?

Your voice?
In this masterclass, you will:
  • Learn to recognize what confidence and fear have in common, and how to choose one over the other.
  • Reflect on past experiences that may have shaken your confidence, and how to release them.
  • Bravely proclaim what you want out of the next chapter in your life in order to set the stage for a more bold, powerful, confident YOU.
  • Take action in order to achieve those goals.
You have big dreams. It's time you did something about them.
Don't keep standing on the sidelines--watching, longing, comparing, wishing, waiting.
:: A 45-minute video course taught by credentialed teacher, and Compliment Founder Melissa Camilleri, MFA. At multiple points throughout the course, Melissa guides you to hit pause on the class video in order to complete the writing task that corresponds with the lesson. Estimated time to complete the class + exercises: 3-4 hours.

:: The accompanying workbook that guides the exercises that correspond with the lessons inside the course. To help guide your learning and your journey, it is suggested that you print out the workbook and have it in front of you while you tune in to the course.

:: Immediate access to get started. Once you purchase, you will receive information to download the materials right away.