How do I care for my jewelry so it lasts?
Perfumes, lotions, sweat, and water can dull your gems and tarnish the metal on your jewelry.   We suggest removing all jewelry before showering or swimming.  Store in a cool, dry place.  Sealing it in a plastic bag away from other tarnished jewelry and coins when you're not wearing it will also help prevent tarnishing.  
How did you come up with the idea for Compliment?
I get asked this all the time!  Watch this video from the key note speech I gave at a conference in NYC to learn about the Compliment story!  
Do you ever run discounts?
Yes!  Follow us on Instagram and join our email list!  We often run specials and will announce online discount codes there.
How do I choose the compliment I want to give inside the box with my jewelry?
We ask ourselves, "If I had to describe this person in one word, what would it be?" Some of our favorite compliments we've helped give: you are wise.  you are creative.  you are precious.  Do you have a shared language of love?  Do you call each other pet names? Something really personal makes the best compliment. Still stuck? Contact us.  We'll walk you through it. ;)
What if I don't specify a compliment?
It's ok!  We will likely email you just to double check you didn't forget upon check out.  If you are ordering for yourself, it may feel weird to specify a compliment.  You definitely can... but if you don't want to, it'll be like opening a fortune cookie when you receive your box in the mail!  There will be a surprise compliment in there waiting for you!
What if I want to order something, but I don't see exactly what I'm looking for on the site?
We love customizing! Contact Melissa (melissa@shopcompliment.com) so we can make sure you look the exact shade of fabulous you're after! Additional fees may apply depending on bead choices.
What's up with the Compliment Scholarship Fund? Where can we apply?
Five percent of every purchase, every day, goes directly to the Compliment Scholarship Fund which supports eligible seniors in high school achieve their college dreams. Students must submit an essay on a specified prompt, and an official transcript to qualify.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for our email list. It will be in those places we announce rules, dates, and deadlines.  Stay tuned.
I own a boutique/am a buyer. How do I get your products in my store?
Contact Melissa directly at melissa@shopcompliment.com for wholesale details. Thank you for your interest!