Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance

Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance

Here are 3 simple shifts you can make to move from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE.

1. Make room.

By holding on to too much stuff, we are sending the silent signal to the universe that we are not ready to receive more goodness.  “Stuff” can be anything: the clothes you don’t wear at the back of your closet, the piles of papers on your counter, the broken, inkless pens in your junk drawer.  GET RID OF IT.  Make room. Grab a few bags, label them “TOSS,” “DONATE,” and “SELL.”  Throw away the garbage, bring your donations to your favorite charity, and even see if you can sell some of that clutter at a yard sale or consignment shop. I just got rid of all the bags that have been sitting in my trunk for over a month.  It felt great. Our spiritual selves get weighed down when our physical environments are in disarray. If you’ve seen “Hoarders,” you know what I’m talking about.

2. Keep a gratitude journal. 

There is a saying: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." At the end of each day, no  matter how tough it may have been, see if you can name 5 things you’re grateful for.  If that’s too easy, GOOD.  Think of 5 more, and 5 more after that.  The key is to write these things down so you can refer back to them later. Keep it in a file on your computer or in a pretty notebook you keep at your bedside.  I will sometimes keep a running list on my iPhone's notes app so I have it with me on the go.  By practicing gratitude, we stop thinking about all the things we are lacking and we start searching out all the wonderful things we have.  Hot water, a Trader Joe’s nearby, not getting a parking ticket even though my meter expired, my favorite song on the radio during rush hour.  Look around.  Listen.  Breathe deep.  There’s so much good around us.  List it out.  You’ll start noticing more and more, inviting abundance to stay and giving you the ability to bounce back faster when life throws us a challenges. 

3. Affirm the positive.

Do you have days you look in the mirror and just go, “Ugh?” Cool...  You’re like the rest of the women I know.  Whatever defeating monologues that run through your head, though, contribute to the scarcity mindset. Instead, affirm the positive.  What do you love about yourself? (Like, seriously.  Stop and think of something..... Got it?  Great.)  Grab a post-it and write it down. “I am creative and am amazed when I can make something from nothing.”  Stick that baby on your bathroom mirror, on your dashboard, around your cubicle, inside your kitchen cabinet--wherever you’re most likely to pause a moment and read it. It doesn’t have to stop there, either.  What else do you feel good about? “My friends are trustworthy and kind.”  “My home is safe and comforting.”  “I am independent and capable.” If a sneaky little bugger of a negative thought creeps in, shoo it away with another affirmation.  Then go around your space and re-read.  Eventually, your focus will start to shift to the positive more and more and you will attract the abundance and fullness of life you desire.

I'm telling you, this works.  I know because I've seen it in my own life and the lives of friends and family who have similar practices.  If you're skeptical, do what the pros use to:  "Fake it til you make it."  

Give it a try and let me know what comes of it...

What other abundance practices do you have?  In what ways have you experienced abundance recently?  

Let me know in the comments below.



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  • I love these! I remember when I first started practicing gratitude and abundance. I remember having a hard time in the beginning thinking of a few things I was grateful for that day. One thing that would help is I would just write the same good things over and over if I couldn’t think of anything else. The act of re-writing these positive words helped a lot with creating my positive mindset. <3

    Brittany Witt on
  • Thanks for being real. It sets you apart. When in scarcity spiral, I add a little action of gratitude — call someone who I want to thank, write a letter, send a package, and do the things that I’ve been wanting to do — puts the love back in flow. Thanks for all Melissa!!

    Kathleen on
  • Really enjoyed reading about affirmation and gratitude — moving from scarcity to abundance. Gotta say I am guilty (with a capital G) of having too much stuff. But most of it pertains to my jewelry making style which is chaotic and crazy, just like me. So I accept that. And am never ever lacking in the other type of God given abundance, I’m so lucky and fortunate, and count my blessings.

    Had an amazing breakthrough today that I hope will affect my progress going forward and if no one else recognizes it, I do. :-) THANK you for all of your wisdom and guidance and unswerving optimism!!!


    pam robinson on

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