What does it mean to find joy in the process?

What does it mean to find joy in the process?

The process.

It's something I've thought a lot about, both in my time as a teacher and as I continue learning the ropes of being as business owner.


We are taught at such a young age to be outcome focused--winning the game, getting the grade, hitting our goal weight, buying our dream house--that AS A CULTURE we have collectively lost sight of feeling good about the baby steps it takes to get there. 


Motivation and goal setting are wonderful, but it's ok the find real joy along the way...

In the studying.

In the saving.

In the learning.

In the practicing.

In the "almosts" and the "not quites" and the "try agains."


I talk with lots of teachers and parents about how to praise the process, rather than the outcome.

We talk about how to give encouragement and praise to their kids MORE for working hard, as opposed to putting all the value on the end result.


Imagine how that could change things for those kids as they grow.


There is beauty in the struggle.
There is discovery in the mess.
There is joy in the process.


I encourage you to take some time this week and find a quiet moment to yourself.

Think of all the steps you took to get to this very moment.

The highs.
The lows.
And look at you, still alive...
Still shining.

Pretty miraculous, if you ask me.

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