Sometimes good enough is really good enough.

We are already knee-deep into January and I'm sure like you, I've been bombarded with all sorts of emails telling me NOW is the time to FINALLY get my life in order.

As a recovered perfectionist, it's still hard NOT to get swept up into all that self-improvement stuff.

I mean, I'm ALL ABOUT constantly working toward the best version of yourself and your life.  I gave up resolutions a long time ago, but I still like the idea of choosing my word/theme of the year, and planning big important things on my calendar early on in the year so I can be sure they happen.

Yes, I buy fancy planners.  Yes, I journalize.  Yes, I have a gratitude practice.  Yes, I work hard to be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, friend, educator, CEO.

But ya know... There is always a season.  

What I mean is that sometimes we are in seasons of growth and sometimes we are in seasons of maintaining.

It's Biblical.

It's the stuff of 60s hit songs.


In the off chance you’re finding yourself in a situation as we welcome in 2019, wondering why you're not feeling more amped at self-improvement,  let me ask you this:

Are you closer to who you want to be than you were this time last year?

What took your time in 2018?

Were you present to areas of your life that you feel proud of?

Are you living your life holistically and on purpose?

Did relationships take precedence?

Is that who you want to be?

I am posting these questions because these are the very ones I've asked myself over the last few weeks as I've made peace with the fact that 2018 wasn't a big "GROWTH" year for Compliment as every year past has been.

Our sales and outreach were like FREAKISHLY close to exactly where they were at the end of 2017.

And at first glance? I was bummed. I've been in growth mode for so long-- both personally and professionally.

But then I made a list of all the things I felt pretty damn good about this year:

1.) making a human

2.) taking four full months off to recover from surgery to get said human out of me

3.) moving

4.) not losing my sh*t on my family, my team, or my husband despite nearly no sleep for the last two years #twoundertwo

5.) working about 1/20th of what I used to before I had kids

6.) saying no to lots and lots and lots of “opportunities” that may well have led to more sales but also would have cost too much of my time and /or energy to make it not worth it.

When I see that list? I feel pretty good about myself. Because this business is allowing me to live my WHY. And that’s to make a difference and be present to my family and friends in real life. Simple.



Create a list of things you feel pretty awesome about from 2018.  Can you think of 10?  Aweosme.  Keep going.  Add another 10.  Then another.  See how many big and little things make you feel like you're doing just fine.

And then, here's me raising my glass to you, whether or not you smashed your 2018 goals or not.

Because chances are, you probably met other goals that deep down, are even MORE important to you and not as easily quantifiable on a spreadsheet.

Good enough is good enough. And to everything there is a season.  And growing is actually forever.

Keep on keepin on, sweet friends.





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