20 easy FREE things you can do to make the world a little brighter

20 easy FREE things you can do to make the world a little brighter

I know there are a lot (A LOT) of scary things happening in the world right now and it is important to stay awake to those things.  It's important to continue to fight for what is right.  I also think it is important to not lose sight of the goodness around you.

AND I KNOW... goodness is all around.

People stopping to help strangers. 
Gifts showing up on doorsteps unexpected.
Communities coming together in solidarity and peace.

What are you doing to make the world a bit brighter this holiday?


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Here are 20 super-easy, FREE ways you can do this holiday to make the world a little brighter.  

1. Let people merge in front of you in traffic.  Even if you're running late or are feeling stressed.  Don't look for a wave back.  Do it just to be kind.

2.  Write a letter to a teacher who made an impact on your life and thank him/her.  Bonus points for doing it on their Facebook wall.

3.  Hold the door open for the people behind you.

4.  Give a sincere compliment to a stranger.

5.  Rake your neighbor's leaves.

6. Send a text to a friend who you know is stressed out.  Just to say hi and let them know how much you love them.

7. Get the kids involved.  Ask them to reach out to someone sitting alone at lunch and to invite them to sit at the table.

8.  Go on a day-long complaint fast.  Grab an accountability partner who will lovingly call you back to positivity if they hear you slip up.  Make it through the day complaint free and try for day 2.

9. Lend a hand to a co-worker.  Take something off their to-do list.  Ask how you can help.

10.  Cook a little extra one night and invite over someone you know is lonely. Or, double your recipe and bring dinner to a friend you know is spread too thin. 

11. Give up the closest parking spot.

12.  Let someone go ahead of you in the grocery/bank/Starbuck's line.

13.  Support a cause you care about by setting aside time to volunteer.  Even if just for an hour.

14.  Forgive someone who messed up.  If you can't possibly connect with this person, write them a forgiveness letter.  You don't even have to send it.

15.  Be kind to yourself by writing a list of 50 things you love about yourself. Really.  (I mean it!)

16.  Send a thank you note to someone who has done something kind for you in the past.

17.  Find a video on YouTube that makes you laugh or brings back a fun memory (I love old music videos for this reason!) and send it to a friend to brighten their day.

18.  Leave kind messages in sidewalk chalk on the cement where there is foot traffic.  Don't live in a walking area?  Leave sticky note messages of encouragement (ahem... compliments) hidden in public (on the ladies room mirror, on someone's parked car, in the cereal aisle).

19.  Donate your gently used clothes, toys, books, household decor to an organization that has your heart.  I love our local food bank and women's shelters as places that accept donations.

20.  Listen.  Take the time to hear the people around you.  Do it without distraction.  

Know a friend (or a group of friends) that might want to get in on a kindness challenge?  Forward this on to them!

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  • Melissa,
    What a gem you are! Just found this fabulous post of yours.
    Psst. this can be done any time of the year.
    Looking forward to taking your Instagram course, its my birthday present to myself.

    Keep sharing your good Mojo.


    Linda Thomas on

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