Creating an Intentional Year in 2017

Creating an Intentional Year in 2017

by Ellen Palmer, Certified Holistic Health & Life Design Coach 

Guest Blogger to Compliment.


 Every year, we each are given 365 beautifully wrapped, hand-picked, deeply personalized gifts to cherish.  They are laid out for us lovingly to open each morning with wonderment and anticipation.  How perfect that they are in natural order and are each uniquely designed to teach us something important about who we are and how to live our most purposeful life.  


This year, I invite you to graciously open these 365 gifts, one at a time, and receive the joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment, love, success, excitement, enthusiasm, fun, abundance, and ease that is intended for you.  


This is how …. Step by step.   


First, take the time to reflect on your successes from 2016. When you take the time to be grateful and notice the good, the joys and successes, you create momentum for more good, more joy and more success in 2017.   


Even if 2016 was the hardest year of your life, notice something that you learned about yourself, through it all.  These are blessings for you, I promise.   

 Ask yourself these questions. 

  • What are you most proud of? 
  • Did you get to connect with people that matter to you? 
  • Did you help anyone or receive help? 
  • What are you grateful for?   


From this energy of success, daydream.  We create what we focus on and most people are focused on the day-to-day issues they need to solve.  We get a lot done and feel productive but if we haven’t focused on what we love, we don’t have it.   Instead we are exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated.   If you get this one precious life to live, how do you want to live it?  



Allow yourself the freedom to daydream about your ideal life as if all of your problems are already solved, and notice what shifts for you.  Ask yourself these questions: 

  • If I had everything I needed, how would I spend my time? 
  • Am I doing what I love?
  • How do I want to feel every day?
  • Pretend it’s December 31, 2017 and you’re looking back on the year, what are you proud to say you accomplished? 

Daydreaming is expansive energy that pulls you up from the spin of your everyday tasks, your doubts and your fears and gives you a better vantage point to see what you really want.  It provides clarity on who you truly want to be, what you want to experience in your life and whom you want to experience it with.   Having this clarity will allow you to….. 


Forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself for every perceived flaw, mistake, oversight, failure, unkind word, jealous moment, neglectful, irresponsible, overindulgent, lazy moment you’ve ever had.  You are perfect just as you are.  These experiences were gifts to help prepare you for this very moment where you finally have the clarity, insight, inspiration and the tools to create everything you’ve ever wanted.   


Make a list as long as it needs to be, of every single thing you need to forgive yourself for doing or not doing to yourself that wasn’t kind.  It’s time to release everything to make room to receive the abundance that has been waiting for you on the other side of blame and shame.    When you do, you will be ready to… 


Intentionally create the year and life you’ve dreamed of.   You are a powerful creator.  With the clarity of your daydreams and the forgiveness and release of your doubts, fears and blame, you can now create what you truly desire instead of focusing on just fixing more problems.   You have raised the bar on your life and set yourself up to receive the abundance that is meant for you in every way… in your health, happiness, relationships, success, finances and career 


Intentions focus your energy. They are like addresses for the GPS of your ideal life.  When you take the time to intend what you want, your actions and feelings line up, step by step, to help you get there more easily and will help you re-align when you get off track.    


Just as you wouldn’t put in a destination on your GPS that you don’t want to travel to, be sure to structure your intentions around the best of what you want, not the shoulds, coulds and have-tos 


Take a minute to finish the following lists: 

  • I am powerful creator.  This year I enjoy: (list what you want to experience). 
  • I am a powerful creator.  This year I enjoy feeling (list how you want to feel). 


This is your year to embrace who you want to be, what you want to experience and how you want to feel by starting each month and day by getting quiet and setting your intentions  


And most importantly…. 


Love yourself well everyday by being present and savoring your experiences as you are having them, by celebrating and feeling the pride for your successes and by taking the time to do the things you enjoy.    You do not need to earn your love  Choose love every day. 




Make a list of ways, big and small,  of how you will savor your life and celebrate yourself each day.  


An intentional year is created with clarity, focus, forgiveness and love.   This approach will change your life profoundly, if you will allow it.   Receive, open and enjoy all of the 365 beautifully wrapped, hand-picked gifts that will help you create your ideal life filled with good health, great relationships, love, success and abundance, one day at a time.  


This is what you deserve and this is why you are here.   To enjoy each day doing exactly what you love  ~ learning more about yourself so that your journey becomes easier~   loving yourself more deeply so that you can in turn love others more deeply.   Great things are ahead for you! 


Ellen Palmer is a Certified Holistic Life Design Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Founder of the Ideal Life Master Class and Co-Founder of Healing Meals Community Project.   She is passionate about helping young adults and professionals step beyond the limits of their habits, fears and doubts to recognize their unique talents, achieve their full potential and create their ideal life through self awareness, skill development, mindset and daily practice.    She has an international coaching practice and speaks regularly on the topics of empowerment, life design, foundational mindset and daily strategies for success, food as medicine and creating lasting change.  Ellen lives in Connecticut with her husband and two sons and enjoys working with clients across the United States and around the globe.
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