When Your Friends Live in Your Computer

When Your Friends Live in Your Computer

I am so blessed to have a handful of incredibly loyal, fun, honest, kind girlfriends from the different stages of my life--some even from elementary school.  But now that we are grown-ups and have lives and responsibilities, some which have led us to different cities, most of my besties live in my computer.  As in, the most frequent way we keep in touch is via the computer.

Do some of your best friends live in your computer, too?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m grateful for inventions like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, e-mail, and even texting so that I can send a quick message to my beautiful BFF Dana (who I haven’t seen in two months! ACK!) about the new Victoria Secret Dry Shampoo I bought (in our quest to find the best one, because HELLO... that stuff is AWESOME.)  Or, a message to another beautiful BFF, Katie (who I haven’t seen for just as long.)  The other day we had a quick email exchange about our memories of dancing to Salt n Pepa in our sophomore dorm while getting ready for a night out.  

(Dana, Katie and me, all in the same room at once.  This doesn't happen often enough.)

Having the technology to make keeping in touch easier is great, but sometimes I want more.  I want to show my friends I love them and miss them and that they are important to me with more than just a quick sound-bite, text, or status update.

Here’s two ways I try to keep in touch and take my friendships out of my computer (or phone) and into real life, even when we can't be physically together.

  • Write a letter. It’s such a lost art and it shouldn’t be.  Few things feel as good as getting something in the mail that’s NOT a bill. In related news: Thank you notes are always, always rad.  (Plus, I LOVE stationery and other office supplies so, so much.  Like, it's borderline cuckoo how much I love pens and paper.)                                                                                                                                                 
  • Send a meaningful gift.  A month ago, one of my long-distance friends sent me a “hey-how-you-doing?” package.  There was a little book and a note and a butter dish, because she knew mine broke.  She knew I needed a pick-me-up and it made my whole week.                                                                                                    

How do you keep in touch?  Let me know over on the Compliment Facebook page!

In just a few short months my little sissy will be packing her bags and moving away to go to college. I can’t wait to start sending her little care packages, and motivational words to bridge the physical distance between us. I can't believe she is so grown up! I'm way looking forward to celebrating her graduation and this new chapter in our relationship.

compliment jewelry

 (Here's my sissy.  Beautiful, sweet, good, kind, hilarious.  I adore her.)

Do you have a graduate in your life?  How will you celebrate them?  How will you keep in touch?

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Cheers to keeping in touch!  Until next week,

xoxo Melissa

Also, be sure to read my blog post about Maintaining Friendships!

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