Mother's Day is May 12th.

Mother's Day is May 12th.

MOTHER'S DAY IS MAY 12th!  Are you ready?

Mother's Day
(How adorable is this?  It's my parents in Hawaii in 1979.  I'm there too--just a wee little bun in the oven.)

My mom has no idea I'm sending this out to all of you, so I hope she's not too bashful when I talk about her.  In gearing up for Mother's Day around Compliment headquarters, I've been thinking about what my mom has taught me. The list is endless, of course, but probably the most important lesson she's taught me is that there is no greater purpose in our life than to love and be loved.  If you know my mom, you already know that she shows her love by being incredibly generous and thoughtful. She loves to entertain by throwing parties for family and friends. Whether it's a baby shower or Super Bowl Sunday, no detail is haphazardly overlooked. Each meal, no matter how casual, is accompanied by music, flowers, and candles--even if it's just for our little family.  She creates an inviting and warm place to gather--and all who have been around my mom feel this.  You come to her house and you're part of the family.  I love this about my mom.

Mother Daughter Trip
(Here's a more recent one from our Mama-Daughter trip to Chicago a couple summers ago. If you look close, you can see my "red"  Compliment ring. And I know what you're all thinking, aside from being super duper loving, my mom is total hottie!)

What do you love most about YOUR mom?  

And if YOU'RE a mom, what do you think your kids love most about you?

One way that Compliment is honoring moms this year is with our custom birthstone necklaces.
Mother's Day Necklace
Not only is this piece sentimental because each stone represents one of the members of her family, but also because it allows you honor your mom by the words you choose for the compliment that accompanies the necklace in the box.  

Some of my recent favorites include: "You are loving and generous."  "You are the most amazing, beautiful mother in the world." "You are an inspiration.  Thank you, Mom."

Interested? I invite you to use the discount code MOMMYLOVE at checkout for free shipping!  Please order by May 5 at 12 Noon, PDT for on-time delivery.  Make sure to specify the months to include on the necklace!


instagram photo a day challenge
Compliment is hosting our first-ever Photo-A-Day Challenge starting TODAY, May 1, over on Instagram!  If you're on Instagram, please follow Compliment HERE and join the fun!  If you're not on Instagram yet, visit your app store on your phone and download it!  It's a great way to edit and share pics.  And the challenge is suuuuper easy!  You just take a pic that fits in the category posted for the day, tag Compliment with @shopcompliment and hashtag the pic with #photochallenge.  Each pic posted and tagged will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate good for anything in our online shop!  That means there are 31 chances to enter!  Your odds are GREAT!  Plus, it's WAY fun to spread a little love into the ether. :)  

If you have any questions, respond to this email, or give me a holler over on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm off to enjoy the weather!  Man!  Spring has sprung and I'm LOVING the sunshine! Hope you are, too!

Talk soon,
Melissa xoxo

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