Pay Attention Podcast with Nikki and Melissa Season 1, Ep. 2: Intuitiv – compliment.

Pay Attention Podcast with Nikki and Melissa Season 1, Ep. 2: Intuitive Eating

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Melissa Camilleri + Nikki Stern Pay Attention Podcast

Melissa + Nikki geek out on Facebook's new "love" button + the wonders of acupuncture while discussing the way we relate when we give gifts.

Geeking Out

Nikki geeks out on Facebook's new love button--because if you're going to like something, you might as go all the way and love it. On the flipside-- the ladies also talk about blocking people on FB, especially during election season.

Melissa geeks out about her first real experience with acupuncture + how redirecting your qi can sometimes leave you feeling like you need a cab ride home. So good, Nikki wants to incorporate this on her retreats.

Pay Attention

Next, up the ladies chat about when we pay close attention to our bodies they give us all the signals we need to be our healthiest and feel our best. Nikki, a holistic health coach, gives us insight as to why diets don't work, why The Beautiful You Project starts with breathing, and how she walks her clients through the process of learning to trust their intuitive eating.

Last Best

Keeping with the theme, and because they are obsessed with good food, Nikki + Melissa talk about their last best meals.

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