Making Yourself Your #1 Asset

Making Yourself Your #1 Asset

A guest post by Lexi Koch 

It is so common these days for the voices inside our hearts, the self that is beyond the doing and hustle of everyday life, to get ignored. Sitting around the table with a group of my closest lady friends, we were discussing how easy it is to push our need for exercise or eating healthy or simply having fun to the back in order to meet the needs of our work lives and/or our families. It can be easy to use excuses or guilt to not let the voices of our heart be heard and listened to.

Here are some ideas for you to start figuring out what the voice inside your heart is trying to tell you beyond the noise of your ‘to-do’ list:

Step 1: Acknowledge that you have needs that are unique to YOU. Just you. They are all yours and that is OK!!

Why this is important: This simple act ALLOWS all of you. You are a member of your family or tribe or community with just as many dreams, desires, hopes, fears, likes, dislikes as anyone else. You deserve to have your voice be an equal part in the conversation. By knowing what your true needs are on any given day, you will understand yourself better.

Step 2: Identify what one or more of your needs might be

Here are some ideas: the need to eat when you are hungry, the need to have alone time, the need to exercise 4 times per week, the need to dance, the need to play, the need to take 5 minute breaks every hour, the need to have a morning practice to get grounded for the day, etc. etc. etc.

Why this is important: You GOT to name it to claim it. As soon as you name it, you can move into exploring what it would look like to claim it.

Step 3: Give yourself permission to have whatever need(s) you have identified. Spend a moment on this one. We can so easily discredit our needs from years of shaming or ignoring them.

Why this is important: If you don’t pause and let the true need that you have sink in, you might just keep moving through life and keep ignoring what’s inside of you. The voice inside your heart is very good at knowing how you might feel great in life. Pause and breathe into it. Your needs are just as important as everyone else’s.

Step 4: Say it out loud, “I give myself permission to need (insert your beautiful, totally allowed need here).” 

Why this is important: Just try it and you’ll see the importance. It feels SO liberating!!

Step 5: Let it sink in. You have needs that are unique to you. You deserve to have those needs met. You have the power to meet those needs. You are enough!!




Lexi is the master of gently guiding you to what you already know but have a hard time admitting to yourself. She’s an expert sleuth, uncovering the “stories” that hold you back from easily hearing the voice inside your heart. Click here to get access to ‘How To Put YOU First (Even in the Most Uncomfortable Moments)’:


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