Of course I voted.

Of course I voted.

I haven't missed voting in a single election since I turned 18. It's a beautiful thing to have a voice. Of course, #ivoted.

I voted for the men and women who have given their lives to preserve that right for me.

I voted for the women who came before me who weren't so lucky to have a voice nor the same opportunities to choose. Choice equals true freedom. I have the choice to work, to own a business, to marry whom I love, to worship how I choose, to live where I want, and to make a the world a better place in the ways I know how.

I voted for the people who do not have those same rights, even today, even here, in this great country.

I voted for my students--many of whom come from families who have escaped persecution, poverty, and lack, coming to America to pursue an education, opportunities, and a better life-- just like my great-grandparents did for my grandparents, parents, and me.

I voted for the kind of America I want this precious babe in my belly to grow up in. One that unifies, not divides. One that cares for ALL its citizens. One that lives up to its own ideal that WE ARE ALL are created equal. Me, you, all of us.  

I voted for love. Because that's who I am.  That's what I believe. Love trumps hate, always.

Heck ya, I voted. I love this democracy. I believe we can rise together and I do not, for one minute, take our freedoms for granted.

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