Giving Thanks for it All

Giving Thanks for it All

Tomorrow those of us in the USA gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. I wanted to take some time today and thank YOU.

Because of your support, this week, we are awarding two more deserving young women from the greater Sacramento area with a $1500 scholarship-- our biggest award to date.

Together, we are making a difference. (You'll soon get a chance to meet these amazing young women.)

This time of year always brings about a lot of reflection as the holidays kick off in full swing and we take a look back before taking a look forward into the new year.

Here are some things that I'm mentioning in gratitude around the table tomorrow night:

1.  My body.  Watching it grow every day while it creates this little human inside of me is an absolute miracle and one I've prayed so long for.  I am in awe.  I'm grateful for the back aches, nausea, all of it.

2. My incredible partner, Nick.  To have someone by your side who makes you laugh, cries with you, holds you, and is a co-visionary to our shared dreams... that's more than a gift.  Again, that he chose me to be his wife... I'm so grateful.

3. My family and friends who, despite our differences, fiercely love and support one another, cheer one another on, and want one another to prosper.  I'm so grateful.

4. My former students and the girls who work for Compliment.  Many of whom are now real-life friends who are making choices every day to make a positive impact in their communities, raising loving families, doing good, and doing well.  I'm proud to know them and I am so grateful our paths so fatefully crossed.  I'm also so grateful for the young women who Compliment employs.  They are students who are engaged and impassioned and work so hard alongside me to make this dream a reality.  I'm so grateful to have them on my team.

5. Each of you.  I know I may not know you all personally, but I do not take for granted the connection between us.  That you'd allow us space in your inbox each week, that you'd choose to support a company that started off as a glimmer of an idea and bloomed into something much bigger-- it actually blows my mind and fills my heart.  If we haven't already met, please hit reply on this email and introduce yourself.  Let me know one thing you're grateful for this holiday-- nothing is too big or too small.  I want to know you.

May this holiday, no matter who sits across the table from you, no matter if they share your beliefs or not, I pray that you are surrounded by peace and generosity.

Black Friday Compliment

We recently celebrate our 5th business anniversary here at Compliment!   Read more about what we've accomplished in the past 5 years and our vision for the future here.

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