Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 3

Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 3

Nicole Salceda An Eye for Pretty

Meet Nicole Salceda

Nicole is the brains and beauty behind An Eye For Pretty, a design service that helps busy women create beautiful spaces in their daily environments.  But that's not all!  I think one of the reasons why Nicole and I click so much is that she is also totally multi-passionate.  She is a teacher (hello, kindred spirit!) a mom, a wife and a friend.

A couple months ago, Nicole hosted the most incredible event to feature her friends and colleagues who are launching businesses of their own.  I was honored to be invited to stand alongside many other amazingly talented  women who are striving to take their talents and make the world a little better.  That Nicole thought to design this event shows just how sweet she is.  

I'm thrilled to introduce her to you in this month's Soul Care Series, not only because she offers such great advice, but because ever since I started following Nicole's blog, I've been so inspired by the spaces she creates.  (You should see her home.  It's AMAZINGLY gorgeous!) I want to share with you all her aesthetic and how she truly has a knack for finding beauty in the ordinary, the messy, and the mundane. Nicole is an inspiration to me, and I have a feeling she will be to you, too!

Compliment Soul Care Series An Eye For Pretty Nicole Salceda

{photos courtesy of Megan Gery Photography}

Compliment: Tell us about yourself.

Nicole:  I'm a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher,
interior designer, and lover of all things pretty. I live in Walnut Creek, California with my handsome hubby and two darling kids.  Our house is one constant DIY project but I love that it's evolved over time into a home that is welcoming and uniquely ours.

Compliment: Give yourself a compliment.

Nicole: "You are enough." I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but more of a mantra that I like to remind myself of often.

Compliment: Give someone you love a Compliment who does not know you're being interviewed.

Nicole: "Mom, you are everything to me." Whether she's helping raise my kids, painting accent walls in my house or just listening to my day she's always been mom first and put everything else second. She truly is the most selfless woman I know and I've learned so much from her. 

Compliment: What inspires you?

Nicole: What really inspires me is people's happiness when I've helped them design a space they love. More often than not, people have an idea or a dream in their head of what they want their home to look like but have trouble bringing it to life. I try to guide them in the right direction while taking into account their own personal tastes and lifestyle. Beyond what looks pretty, lies a feeling you get from being there. I always ask myself and my clients, does it feel good? Do YOU love it? Can you see yourself spending a lot of time here with family and good friends? If the answer is yes to all of these, I know I've done a good job.

Compliment: How do you care for your soul?

Nicole: We live in such a media driven society and it's easy to get caught up in everything out there.  I need that purse! Look at that house they live in! Try this and you'll look like a celebrity! "I am totally guilty of this myself. I once saw a quote that said, "Comparison is the thief of joy" and it couldn't be more true. That's why it's so important for me to step back and focus on all the good going on in my life and being my most authentic self. What truly matters? What's real?  In order to do that, I surround myself with a really great support system. On top of having an amazing close knit family, I also have a circle of girlfriends who have become family.  It's a special thing to have other women support you no matter what because they love and believe in you. I also make it a point to take time for myself. Of course being a mom comes first but in order to be the best mom I can be, I need to first be the best Nicole I can be.  Whether it's going to the gym, date night or running errands, anything that helps me recharge for a few hours brings me home in a happy mood. Taking care of my soul is a no brainer. It's a must.

Compliment: What are three Soul Care Tips you can provide to our readers?


1. Create an environment around you that makes you feel happy. That means not only your space, but the people you choose to fill it with.

2. Find your passion. I mean sit down and REALLY think about it.  It may take time. Whether it's a hobby, a job or a cause. Pursue it. You won't regret it.

3. Have gratitude.  Take a moment each day to be thankful for the life you've created.


To learn more about Nicole and to learn how she can take your spaces from drab to fab, visit her at 

An Eye for Pretty

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{A Note About The Compliment Soul-Care Series}

Compliment's mission is to help women feel beautiful on the outside (with lovely, hand-crafted jewelry) AND on the inside (through words of affirmation.)  We women have a tendency to compete, compare, and believe in scarcity (as in, "if you get yours, there's not enough for me."  Think about it-- youth, slimness, money, men, success.)  

We say that's BS.  Instead, we want to work together and believe in abundance: that there is enough love and joy for all of us.  How do we spread that?  By loving others, of course.

But that's impossible if we are on empty.

That's where the Compliment Soul-Care Series comes in.  Once a month you will receive in your email a little inspiration on how other women, just like you, who are doing wonderful things for this world, are taking care of their own souls.  

The hope is that you might put some of these ideas into practice for yourself, that we all grow together, and that we experience the true joy by edifying and building up one another.  Enjoy!

With love,
xox Melissa

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