Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 2: Suzi Istvan

Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 2: Suzi Istvan


Meet Suzi Istvan

Suzi Istvan is a digital goddess.  She designs websites and creates spaces online with elegance, simplicity, and beauty.  She helps entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by showing them how to run their online businesses in a more social way. I met this lovely lady through a business class in which we were both enrolled.  Her presence in our online community was huge. She thoughtfully engaged and interacted in our very large group and made connections quickly.  I think it's perfectly fitting her company is called Social Suzi.  She is social in the best of ways--drawing people in, lifting them up, and helping them solve their issues quickly and with style. I'm so happy to introduce to you Suzi Istvan of Social Suzi Designs.  See what she has to say about taking complimenting herself, others, and what she does to take care of her soul in our Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 2.

Suzi, you are a connector and bring good people together to do great things.  I'm so glad WE connected.


My interview with designer, Suzi Istvan: Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 2

Melissa Camilleri: Where are you from? Talk about the many hats you wear.

Suzi Istvan: [I'm from] Canandaigua, NY (that's in the beautiful Finger Lakes area in Upstate New York), I'm a web designer and developer, brand identity creator, digital visionary for businesses and creative entreprenuers, and a mom to 3 boys ages 5 months - 5 years!

MC: Give yourself a compliment. 

SI: I'm a nerd in the best way possible. I LOVE to learn, I am constantly reading, listening to podcasts, taking classes, asking questions....then using all the knowledge the next chance I get.

MC: Give a compliment to a woman in your life who doesn't know you're being interviewed: 
SI: My sister Lizzie is the strongest, wittiest woman I know. Her baby boy is in the hospital right now, and at the same time that she never leaves his side, she also never loses her sense of humor and amazing smile. She's ridiculously inspiring.
MC: What inspires you?
SI: I get inspired by other people's inspiration. When I see a great business idea, a carefully cultivated Pinterest board, someone putting their life's dreams into action...I get giddy! I've been known to apologize to clients on our initial call because I get so excited about their business that I can't WAIT to get started on their design. When I meet an entrepreneur at a party, I could honestly listen to them talk all day about what they do and why they do it. Innovation is my favorite high!
MC: How do you care for your soul?
SI: I've decided I hate multitasking. My body literally rejects it. When I'm trying to squeeze in extra work time, but really my heart would rather by playing with my boys, I choose the boys. If I don't, I feel sick to my stomach, get headaches, mindlessly snack on junk. I also care for my body with yoga (I've been a vinyasa yoga instructor for 5 years) and by eating as much whole foods as I can. I've learned that caring for the soul without caring for the body is like repairing the engine of a car that is missing it's hood.
MC: What three soul-care tips can you provide to readers?
SI: 1. Be kind to yourself. You are SO much better at everything you do than you think you are. Imagine that you had to hire a replacement for yourself in any of your roles (your job, with your family, anything.) Try writing down an instruction manual for your replacement. I think you'll find that nobody could do what you do- start loving yourself for that! 2. Buy yourself something pretty. A shiny necklace on a busy day can make you smile!  3. Do something your heart longs for but you don't feel ready to do. You will amaze yourself.

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About the Compliment Soul-Care Series

Compliment's mission is to help women feel beautiful on the outside (with lovely, hand-crafted jewelry) AND on the inside (through words of affirmation.)  We women have a tendency to compete, compare, and believe in scarcity (as in, "if you get yours, there's not enough for me."  Think about it-- youth, slimness, money, men, success.)  

We say that's BS.  Instead, we want to work together and believe in abundance: that there is enough love and joy for all of us.  How do we spread that?  By loving others, of course.

But that's impossible if we are on empty.

That's where the Compliment Soul-Care Series comes in.  Once a month you will receive in your email a little inspiration on how other women, just like you, who are doing wonderful things for this world, are taking care of their own souls.  

The hope is that you might put some of these ideas into practice for yourself, that we all grow together, and that we experience the true joy by edifying and building up one another.  Enjoy!

With love,
xox Melissa

In case you missed Vol. 1 of the Compliment Soul Care Series, check it out here!


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