Life's a beach

Life's a beach

Life's a Beach

I have absolutely zero proof to back up this claim, but I think the play-on-words that is the phrase "LIFE'S A BEACH," was meant to turn the outlook of the grumpy and pessimistic (who may be known for saying "life's a b*tch) into something much happier, calmer, and fun.  (If you know the real story, jump over to the Compliment Facebook page and let me know!) At any rate, I like the idea of being at the beach and am counting down the days until my family spends some serious quality time soaking up the rays with umbrella drinks in hand.  Just thinking about a beautiful sandy beach makes me feel good (and I'm sure it's not just me, what with all those beach-scene screen savers I know many of you are rockin' on your desktops as we speak!) 

The goal here at Compliment is to promote as much feel-goodery life has to offer.  We love sharing the love.  Opening our eyes to the good stuff around us really does make for a lovely day and increasingly positive outlook on life.

So this week, thanks to the inspiration from my sweet friend Nikki, I wanted to let you in on a few things I'm loving big time lately to show you that life really can be a "beach" even when your toes aren't physically in the sand.  {Don't you just love metaphors?  or is it just the dorky English teacher in me?}


vintage beach collection

Our vintage beach collection is the perfect complement to our wildly popular vintage ring!  These pieces are made with genuine magnesite gemstones, which are said to aid in relaxation and calming--just like the beach! I'm definitely taking these babies with me on vacation. Click HERE for more info about the earrings and HERE for the bracelet.  


Janet Jackson Pandora

Janet Jackson radio on Pandora-- Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty.  How much have I missed you, Janet?  I missed you much. M-I-S-S-ed you much.


Berry Mint Salad Recipe

This beautiful deliciousness was created by my sweet friend (as mentioned above!) Nikki Stern.  She's a holistic health coach and knows how to make healthy food feel like a major indulgence.  Better than that, she's super rad and fun to be around and pushes me to think outside the box in my business.  Yay for friends!  And for this recipe.  YUM.


Mad Men

Every possible thing about this show. I know I'm superduperdupertripleduper late to the party (thank heaven for Netflix), but, like the rest of America, I'm now hooked.  Dang it, Don Draper, for being such a skeeze and so sexy at the same time! AH!  And the fashion... SWOOOOOOOOON.


Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

I'm reading this at the suggestion of my friend's mom who said it was simply "fun."  It's a sweeping tale about an lovestruck proprietor of a itty bitty pensione in a tinier Italian fishing village during the filming of Cleopatra (starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton). Old Hollywood and old Italy are captivating me this week in this perfect summer read.  

And that my friends, is how I'm making my life a beach this week. What things make life beachy for you?  Anything in particular you're digging this week?  Leave me a comment and let's chat!


Suzi Istvan

In case you missed it, our second installment of the Compliment Soul Care Series was released a couple weeks ago.  We interviewed the multi-talented designer Suzi Istvan, and talked with her about why multitasking is overrated, and taking a leap before you're "ready."  

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