Awesome Abundance.

Awesome Abundance.

I've recently taken up meditation.  Though I can't say it's part of my daily routine yet, I really have a strong desire to stay connected to my spirit and clear my mind.  Let's face it, our world inundates us with constant buzz.   And while that buzz can be lovely and beneficial, Lord Almighty, I NEED quiet sometimes.  Like REAL silence. 

Abundance Mindset

So the other night, I found myself in a self-induced anxiety fest of needingtogeteverythingdonerightthismoment.  I recognized this feeling when I couldn't concentrate on even one task of the gajillion I had on my to-do list.  Yep.  You guessed it: Time to mediate.  

I closed my computer, went into a different room and sloooooooooooowed it all down.  

This meditation, unlike my typical ones, didn't have to do with personal relationships or fears or the usual suspects that induce my anxiety.  This meditation, when I let my mind calm, was profoundly different than any other I've experienced.  

It was bright, sunny, happy, and the word that kept popping into my deeply relaxed mind? 

awesome abundance


For a woman pretty new to the world of entrepreneurship, this was a welcome sentiment!

For a woman who experienced more soul-crushing loss in a matter of 6 months than she'd wish on her worst enemy, this repeated word was nothing less than DIVINE.

I tell you all this because I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection.  I believe in giving energy to the positive and the things, concepts, and ideas you want to bring into your life.  (That's the whole concept behind Compliment--to give attention to the best in you and others).

I also tell you this so you can have a clear understanding and can put into context of how incredible this last week has been for Compliment, a fact that I attribute to exactly what I'm talking about.

Let me give you a run down:

  • Four brides decided that Compliment is the perfect gift to give their bridesmaids.  I am so totally honored to be included in the most special day of these women's lives.
  • One of those brides just so happened to be getting married on live morning television in Buffalo, New York!  In fact, you can watch the happy couple exchange their vows, here!  (Be sure to keep your eyes out for our "nantucket" ring on the beautiful bridesmaids' hands!
  • Speaking of Buffalo, Compliment is so so so excited to announce we just added a new boutique to our family!  Meet Anna Grace, our first East Coast boutique!
  • AND! We also just added another Sacramento shop to our growing list of stockists!  Mari, the Creative Director at Spanglish Arte on J, fell in love with our stationery and earrings!  You can now find Compliment in her shop alongside an incredibly well-curated assortment of other goods from many more local artisans.  
  • WE LAUNCHED OUR NEWEST LINE!  Compliment's Jade Collection has been flying off our shelves and onto the hands, necks, and wrists of fashionistas around the country.  In fact, this week, we got some pretty huge press, including a mention on, the magazine's online blog!  We are so grateful to the gorgeous bloggers at District Sparkle and Life Sucks in a Strapless Bra for pumping up our new collection.  Hop on this green trend and don Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year!  You can buy pieces from our Jade Collection HERE.

Perhaps you see now the connection between my spiritual life and my business life.  I cannot express just how grateful I am for these opportunities.  Not only do I get to share my art with women around the country, but I get the chance to be a part of their uplifting.  We are all connected.  It's our job to figure out how we can shape this connection for the positive and the collective growth of all.  Thank you, again and again, for helping me try.




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