in honor of the red carpet: make 'em green...

in honor of the red carpet: make 'em green...

I'll be honest: although in my daily life I'm not that huge into celebrities (they are real people, after all.  Yes, I tell myself...) I have been known to get ridiculously star struck when I see a celebrity in person. Like, I stare.  One time, while visiting my bestie in LA for her birthday, Eric Estrada of (CHiPs fame) was enjoying a lovely dinner with his family at a table near to us.  I was so wide-eyed, I decided to take a picture of him. On the sly of course.  So instead, I positioned my friend just to the left of where I could get him in my camera lens.  And then I zoomed right past her and caught him mid-bite.  He saw me.

Then he moved tables.

And I thought asking for a pic would be weird.  *Cue "These are my Confessions" by Usher.*

So all that sillyness and celeb-stalking aside, I do love awards season, not because I care so much about who wins what... I just love to look at the dresses!  AH THE FASHION!

And unless you've been living under a rock, you may have noticed some serious color on the red carpet.  Particularly this one: Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year: EMERALD.

Angelina Jolie Green Dress

Jade Dresses

So as not to be left out of this GORGEOUS trend, Compliment's Jade Collection is my take on the season's hottest color.  Using Malaysian Jade stones, I've created many ways to get your pop of green into your outfits.  And our fans are raving.  We officially will launch this collection on our site on March 1 with the prices below.  But you can get yours now, just because I think you're cool like that...

Get your celebrity style before it's even available to the public by emailing melissa {at} shopcompliment {dot} com and receive 20% off your preorder!  Discounts are off prices listed below!

Jade Jewelry


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