Resolutions don't work. So how will you continue to rise in 2018?

Resolutions don't work.  So how will you continue to rise in 2018?

I stopped making resolutions in 2013. I had just come out of a horrible 2012 and felt like I couldn't resolve to do anything but LIVE.

So I decided to focus on how I wanted to feel instead.

I knew that creation was the antithesis to the seemingly insurmountable grief I was feeling from the death of loved ones, a traumatic divorce, a job change, a move-- all within about 100 days.

I chose my intention to CREATE in 2013.

I set very clear goals around how I wanted to feel as I was creating and then what I was going to do in order to feel that way.

Yesterday, I was invited to share this story of how to actually have a better year by NOT making resolutions on our local news channel here in Sacramento:

How does one decide on their word and know it's the right choice?

How do you make goals (NOT RESOLUTIONS!) that you'll actually stay motivated through the year to meet?

That's what Prosper: The 2018 Planning Retreat is all about.

prosper planning retreat

If you're ready to live your best life in 2018-- I invite you to join me. 

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