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Touch the Sky

touch the sky by compliment


Introducing our latest collection: Touch the Sky by Compliment. ®

The best thing about being the creative director of this little-company-that-could, is that I get to design the pieces I want to wear myself.

My personal style is pretty simple.  I wear mostly solids, and these days, I gravitate toward mostly neutral colors.  

When setting out to design our latest collection, I wanted to create pieces that were casually elegant, simple enough to pair with jeans and a t-shirt while still appropriate for more dressed up occasions.

The collection began with the "cloud" earrings and necklace.  When I found these pieces, I fell in love.  

cloud earrings compliment

Swirly and irregular, no two pieces are exactly alike, just like the clouds that move through the sky.

And that reminded me...


Touching the sky.

Touching the sky means rising up and living up to ones greatest potential.  And isn't that we are encouraging our loved ones to do every time we compliment them?

We shine a light on the most wonderful parts of the people around us so that they may confidently step into their gifts and shine their brightest.

Other pieces in our Touch the Sky collection are our silver lining necklace and earrings (sold separately, but awesomely paired together!)


I'd love for you to check out the entire collection, here! 



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