The Six Figure Side Gig Interview

The Six Figure Side Gig Interview

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by Dr. Mark Costes and was asked to be interviewed for his podcast, The Six Figure Side Gig.  (Yeah... whoa.)  Here's a picture of us taken right after the interview.  He was even gracious enough to sign our Gratitude Wall!

Mark Costes & Melissa Camilleri Six Figure Side Gig

Sharing Compliment's story is always fun, but this interview was really special.  We talked a lot about the transition from teaching to entrepreneurship and how Compliment was formed from the ashes of a really dark time.  We talked about mentorship and building something from nothing, how Instagram has helped build the business and the ways we really do try to lift others.

I'm really excited to share the interview with you here, today!

Check it out!

Melissa Camilleri Six Figure Side Gig Interview

You can listen to the full interview here.

xo- Melissa

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