Creating an Intentional Morning Routine

Creating an Intentional Morning Routine

Set your intention.

If you are an avid yogi like me, you are familiar with setting an intention at the start of your practice. You decide how you want to feel during the practice, what you want to focus on, and where you will be placing your energy as you flow.

This intention may be one word, a short mantra or a full phrase. My go-to intentions in yoga are “go with the flow” and “be here now”. Whenever my mind starts to wonder to my to-do list, how stressful my day was, or what I need to get done tomorrow, I remind myself to “be here now” and my focus shifts to the pose I am in.

Setting an intention is the act of deciding how we want to be and feel in the present moment. Not tomorrow, not after a glass of wine, not when your leave your job, find a man or lose 10 pounds. Right. Freaking. Now.

How do you want to feel in the morning?

Or should I ask, how do you want to feel during the day? How we start our morning directly affects how the rest of our day unfolds. Start your day off in a frantic rush, and you are going to feel flustered, anxious and on edge all day. Start your day off with some peace, quiet and coffee, and you will feel calm, centered and present the rest of the day.

Do you want to feel energized in the morning? How about grateful? Strong? Like a badass boss-lady? Fierce? Maybe your intention is to “be present” or to remind yourself that you are enough, you do enough and you have enough. Whether it is one word or a whole phrase, make it powerful, make it meaningful and make it personal.

Write your intention on a sticky note that and stick it to your computer screen, write it with lipstick on your bathroom mirror, or say it to yourself as soon as your feet hit the ground first thing in the morning

Your Intention with Change

Understand that as things in your life shift and change, so will your intention. Change your intention up as often as you would like. Things may be super hectic for you at work in June, so your intention may be to “focus” during this time. You may be setting off on a 10 day vacation in the Bahamas, so your intention may simply be to “relax”. Life is full of ebbs and flows, and periods of time that require our energy in a lot of different forms. Check in with yourself often to see what you truly need.

Choose Activities and Habits that Draw you Closer to Your Intention

Whatever your intention is, make it the driving force behind how you start your day. Make sure the activities you choose in the morning align with your intention, and don’t be afraid to change things around if they don’t.

We have all read articles and blogs posts about the most important things to include in our morning routine. I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t have enough time to run a 5k, do a yoga flow, meditate, journal, read, oil-pull, create a to-do list, eat breakfast and check my email all before 6:30am. For a while I found myself trying to cram so much into my morning routine that is was totally counter-productive.

Then I read an article by the lovely Katie Dalebout from The Wellness Wonderland. She said “The only thing that must be 100% consistent about your morning routine is that you 100% adore it”. I love that so much.

Now my only one true non-negotiable every single morning is having and enjoying a cup of black coffee. No matter where I am, no matter what happens, I am having that cup of coffee and loving every sip of it.

Most days I also write morning pages (I highly recommend this, it has been a total game changer for me), schedule my day in my Day Designer and scroll through Instagram for some morning inspiration. Sometimes I go to an early morning yoga class, sometimes I hit the snooze button twice and cuddle with my hubby. I am constantly evolving as a person and as a result, so is my morning routine.

Go Easy on Yourself

If anything sticks with you from this post, I hope it is this: go easy on yourself. The world is filled with many hardships and challenges. The last thing you need is another expectation to live up to, another deadline to meet or another stifling goal to hit. Your mornings should bring you joy, peace and comfort. For many of us, the early morning is the only time we have any quiet or solitude. Cherish this time and make it sacred. Even if for only 10 minutes, focus on what you truly need give yourself your 100% attention.

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I’m Stephanie Schurkens, owner and creator behind Darling Savage Designs. I create handmade wooden signs, hand lettered products and other whimsical items to brighten your days. What I’m really known for is inspiring others to live their best life. I am a full-time art teacher, avid yogi, coffee lover and an inspirational-quote curator. I love  creating products with simple reminders to dream big, make shit happen and thrive; body, mind and soul.


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