She Said Yes... Again!

She Said Yes... Again!

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a guy named Rob. He explained that he met me at about a month prior at an event where I had set up a Compliment booth.

I remember conversing with him and his wife. They are originally from Tennessee and had recently moved to Northern California where Rob had gotten a job as a pastor at a local church. They have a couple kids. They exude a lot of love.

In his email, Rob explained that he loved the mission of Compliment and needed a gift for his wife on a super quick turn-around. I was happy to oblige.

This is Rob picking up the gift for his wife, Holly. (How cute is their little one?!)

second marriage proposal ring
As Rob was walking out of the studio, he told us that the ring he had purchased was super special and that he was going to re-propose to his wife that night on the 10-year anniversary of their engagement. He was going to use a ring I made to ask Holly to be his wife again for another ten years (and forever after that!)

Of course, I teared up, as per usual.

We exchanged well-wishes and I asked him to send me pictures so I could share the story with all of you.

2nd marriage proposal


wedding anniversary gift

"It was really cute," Holly says. "He was so excited about it. He got on one knee at the restaurant and the waitress started freaking out. I had to tell her we were already married, he just wanted to ask me again to continue being married 10 years more (and forever, of course ). I also love your jewelry and sayings, so it was super special."

second engagement ring

Tell me this job is not the coolest.

Rob and Holly, I wish you a lifetime of love. Thank you for the pleasure of letting Compliment be a little part of your story. It's truly an honor.

Do you have a special story about a Compliment you have given? Let me know! The world needs as much feel-goodery as possible. Be a part of it by emailing me at, or by leaving a comment below!

xo Melissa

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  • Beautiful story of authentic romance. LOVE this!!

    Nancy on
  • I’ve known Rob since we were in elementary school. He was one of the first friends I made when my family moved to Tennessee. He’s a great guy and a great friend.
    (Miss ya, buddy!)

    Jeremiah on
  • Awesome story!! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Bonnie on

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