People are hurting. You can help.

People are hurting.  You can help.

My home state of California has had a VERY hard week, and I felt like I needed to jump back in here and say something, because UGH.  EVERY DAY THERE IS SOMETHING.  PEOPLE ARE HURTING!


ANOTHER mass shooting
, and two fires that are burning both ends of the state.


Families are displaced, torn apart, and are enduring so much.  (And this is just THIS WEEK!) 


With so much devastation and trauma happening in our communities, seemingly every single day, these days, what on earth can we do?


If you are a life-long advocate for the needy/disenfranchised, like the majority of the people reading this are,  you probably feel like me--you want to do something good and kind for everyone. You want to take away the suffering of everyone in every situation.


But you can't. 


And so you pick and choose the causes you can support because OHMYGOD people everywhere are hurting and there is SOOOOOO MUUUUUCH NEED.


There is such a thing called compassion fatigue. (I think I've been in and out of this since 2016.)


And yet, we soldier on, finding ways to do what we can where we can.


As I type this, my neighborhood is FULL of displaced families staying in the homes of the kind people who have said, here.  Come here. I will shelter you.


In the immediate, my local moms' group is having neighborhood drives collecting clothes and diapers and formula and toiletries. 


We've decided to focus our efforts on the Camp Fire Crisis in Northern California because it's closest to home for me and this company. 


I've taught in Butte County, have attended church services in Paradise, CA (the whole town is gone, now), have friends and students who went to Chico State and have former students currently fighting that fire.

What these families really need are gift cards. 

If you've ever been a part of disaster relief close up, you know this to be true.

Gift cards to Target, Walmart, Old Navy. 


Places where they can get essentials for the whole family, including their pets.

If you don't know where to give or how to give or what org is best, you consider this.


1. For the rest of the week, I'm donating 10% of all purchases through the Compliment website, and sending the $$ to the North Valley Community Foundation  530-891-1150 for families affected by the Camp Fire spreading through Northern California.

2.  If you have gift cards sitting around in your wallet or in a drawer somewhere and you want to donate them, you can send them to North Valley Community Fund  240 Main Street, Suite 260 Chico, CA 95928.


3. If this cause doesn't feel like the place you can focus right now, it's ok.  Pick another one.  The Woolsley fire is eating up Southern California.  The families of the victims of mass shootings.  The ACLU to protect the civil liberties of people.  Hurricane relief.  My goodness... there is need everywhere.  Pick a place.  Volunteer.  Donate. 


Thank you for caring.  Thank you for being a part of this community.  We all need one another.  Hang in there, sisters. We are all tired.  Keep doing the good work you do. <3

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