Pay Attention Podcast with Nikki and Melissa Season 2, Ep. 14: Building Community

Pay Attention Podcast with Nikki and Melissa Season 2, Ep. 14: Building Community
Melissa Camilleri + Nikki Stern Pay Attention Podcast
Geeking Out
Nikki, in her mid-30's gets a library card and is obsessed with free books. Melissa cannot stop eating citrus since she has a huge orange tree in her yard and she heard pregnant citrus cravings could mean she's having a girl!

Pay Attention
How community is built, why it's critical to feel part of something and how on Earth 2 introverts manage to lead and be part of communities that serve them rather than spaces that drain your energy. Melissa and Nikki reminisce on one of the first community/group they created as women in business, Growing Together and how we are all still connected even though we don't formally meet anymore. Point being we all have various communities available to us: parenting, school, business/career, spirituality, fitness or hobbies.

Last Best
Last best piece of advice received: Melissa's OB-GYN advised her not to worry or freak out about all of the pregnancy rules, relaxing and using good sense is healthier for the baby than worrying or freaking out. That is probably a healthier mindset for all of us.
Nikki was guided by Steven Pressfield's book The War of Art, in learning to manage her time by creating a routine around sitting down to work, which can be a bit of a struggle when you work for yourself and primarily from home. Sit down, do your work.

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