How to give a compliment

How to give a compliment

In my last blog post on this topic,  I said that for many of us, it’s way easier to give a compliment, than to receive one.  But I know that some of us don’t express ourselves using words. And for those of us who do, most times, we still watch our compliments go in one ear, and out the other - much to our dismay.

It’s also true that people around us (especially those we don’t know) interpret things differently - so while you might think that telling someone you see every day that they look pretty is perfectly sweet, the recipient of your compliment might huff and puff, wondering what you make of them every other day!

Crazy, right?

Well, here are a couple of things I’ve learned about giving compliments:

  • Here at Compliment, we give our shoppers so many compliments to choose from when purchasing gifts for themselves or their loved ones. The idea is to spend a moment and really think about what you’d like to say, and how. Just like picking out a gift, you should take time with your words.
  • The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines flattery as excessive and insincere praise. We aren’t actually about this AT ALL!  Instead, we encourage you to notice something that doesn’t get praised often in someone you love.  How can you shine a light on that quality? How can you speak life over someone so that they see the goodness in them that YOU see?
  • When shopping compliment, you also have the option to personalize your compliment. We love it when people write their own compliment.  When giving compliments, make them specific and about their character, rather than the physical.

Check out these compliment makeovers!

Instead of:   I love your dress

Try:  That dress is so vibrant!  It mirrors your personality!  

Instead of:  Well done, you did a great job!

Try: You are such a professional, even under pressure. I learn from you everytime we work together.

Instead of: That’s a gorgeous watch!

Try: You have great taste. I love how you pair things together so interestingly.

Specific, personal compliments draw attention to the recipient and away from other external or material things that they can redirect or deflect to something or someone else.


And just so you know, the fact that you’re even reading this shows how much you care about the words you say and how you relate to others.  It may seem like a no-brainer, or such a small thing, but truly, you make a difference. You are speaking life. You are helping those around you see the awesomest parts of themselves that might not always get noticed.  That makes you a pretty special human.

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