How to Be A Light To Someone

How to Be A Light To Someone

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to be a guest on a podcast for creative entrepreneurs.

More on that in a second.

Usually, when I’m on a podcast, I talk about Instagram, because I teach an instagram course and have amassed a substantial following and instagram strategy is sexy right now.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret—

My passion, my heart, my business is not Instagram. In fact, there are lots of days I don’t post on social media because I simply don’t get to it with the two babes in tow.

Yes, I love the platform, and yes, it has helped me reach a ton of people to help me grow my biz. But it’s not the thing that makes my heart catch fire.

I’m passionate about words and how we can use our words to build people up and to help them BELIEVE. Maybe in something bigger. Maybe in themselves. Maybe in possibility. I’m passionate about human potential and what people are able to do and be when they believe all things are possible for them.

So back to the podcast—

This pod is kind of a big deal. I didn’t realize how big a deal at first, but it’s definitely having a moment, and rightfully so. The guests that have been on this podcast are people like Jen Sincero and Seth Godin and Jenna Fisher (Pam from The Office ).

When the host said she’d be interested in interviewing me, I was certain she either a) made a mistake or b) was going to want me to talk about Instagram hacks.

I was having serious imposter syndrome the other day before the interview. What business did I have being on her show?

Well, check this out:

The host was incredibly thoughtful, totally researched my brand, and gave me a platform to share the real passion behind my business. She made me not only feel comfortable, but seen and heard and so incredibly affirmed at a time when I really needed it, making my way back to working again after a hard pregnancy and a long maternity leave.

She lifted me. She helped me believe again that my work matters. Or at least she reminded me.

This is the power our words have over one another.

I share all this to remind you (and myself).

And so here’s my challenge to you for this upcoming week:

Text someone you know just starting out in whatever field you are in.

Offer them encouragement.

Introduce them to a contact of yours that could make a difference to them and the goals they have.

Treat them to a cup of coffee and really listen.

Help them in whatever way you can to amplify THEM.

If not for any other reason but to be remembered as someone who was kind to them on the journey.

It's really that simple to make a difference.  

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