Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 4: Val Geisler of Aspire and Grow

Compliment Soul Care Series Vol. 4: Val Geisler of Aspire and Grow

Val Geisler of Aspire and GrowMeet Val.

Truth be told: as someone who is trying to build something where nothing once stood over here at Compliment, I often feel overwhelmed with all the things I must do to make this company go.  I think many of my friends think it's a little picnic of making jewelry all day, kicking it in my pajamas, sipping tea, and frolicking through fields of flowers.  

And while all of those things do sometimes happen, the behind the scenes of a small business are pretty nutso.  It's like the analogy of the duck in the water--making it look all peaceful and calm just floating above the water, and yet beneath the water, the duck paddles like crazy.

Thus, I reached out to Ms. Val Rosile (now, Geisler!  She got married only a couple weeks ago!) She is the brains and beauty behind Aspire&Grow, where she makes it her business to assist in clarity. She says, "You want to do more of what you love. I am here to help."  Her mission is to "bring more light, space, love, and joy into life, business, and relationships."  

Her organization and helpful attitude are what drew me to her. And whether or not you are running a business-- you may be running a home, a classroom, a small village-- she is offering lots of tips over on my blog for everyone.

PLUS! She's been so gracious to offer all you loyal Compliment loves instant access to her Systems Lab, perfect for all of us who are trying to get a handle on life's daily tasks and carve out more time for ourselves to do what we truly love. 

Val Geisler

Compliment: Tell us about yourself.

VG: I'm Val Geisler. I just got hitched in August! I'm from Columbus, OH. I grew up in Columbus, moved around a BUNCH later in life (NYC, Milwaukee, Virginia Beach, Richmond) and am now settled back in my hometown close to my family. Family is everything. I've set up shop here as a Business + Client Care Manager - I'm your go-to gal when your to-do list for your business makes you want to crawl back under the covers and the very thought of staring at a computer all day working on spreadsheets and emails gives you the hives. I'm a systems geek and love getting under the hood of businesses to figure out how to make them run more efficiently so you can do more of what you love.

Compliment: Give yourself a compliment. 

VG: I'm pretty great at arm balances in yoga class and I have a knack for cooking without a recipe.

Compliment: Give a compliment to a woman in your life. 

VG: My sister Sarah is an incredible woman. Not only is she a scientist (hey, smarty pants!) but she is a generous and caring wife and momma. In all of her free time (ha!) she knits amazing sweaters, socks, and other woolen goodies and even finished a quilt that our mom never lived to see through to completion. She inspires me.

Compliment: How do you care for your soul? 

VG: Yoga, meditation, and wine. Not necessarily in that order.

Compliment: What three soul-care tips can you provide to readers? 

VG: 1. Take time for yourself each and every day. Even if it's only 1 minute of sitting in quiet contemplation, making time for yourself makes you a more complete you for everyone else you come into contact with.

2. Get outside. Walk, bike, run, lay in the grass. When you are outside you are more able to connect with the earth and get grounded, literally.

3. Read. I have a schedule of one non-fiction book and then one fiction book - it helps me balance my voracious love of learning all I can about business with my love of prose. Reading not only teaches you but gives you the opportunity to step outside of yourself and live in a world you can only imagine.

Aspire & Grow

To learn more about Val and to get access to her AWESOME Systems Lab that will help you organize your day-to-day, visit her at

Make sure to check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  feeds, as well.  So many good things.


About The Compliment Soul-Care Series

Compliment's mission is to help women feel beautiful on the outside (with lovely, hand-crafted jewelry) AND on the inside (through words of affirmation.)  We women have a tendency to compete, compare, and believe in scarcity (as in, "if you get yours, there's not enough for me."  Think about it-- youth, slimness, money, men, success.)  

We say that's BS.  Instead, we want to work together and believe in abundance: that there is enough love and joy for all of us.  How do we spread that?  By loving others, of course.

But that's impossible if we are on empty.

That's where the Compliment Soul-Care Series comes in.  Once a month you will receive in your email a little inspiration on how other women, just like you, who are doing wonderful things for this world, are taking care of their own souls.  

The hope is that you might put some of these ideas into practice for yourself, that we all grow together, and that we experience the true joy by edifying and building up one another.  Enjoy!

With love,
xox Melissa
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