Change Your Words, Change Your Beliefs

Change Your Words, Change Your Beliefs

Last night was magical. I got to lead a workshop for 35 amazing, soul-powered women. It was called Create Confidence & Conquer Fear, hosted by my friends at InspireMidtown, a Lean In Circle, here locally in Sacramento.

Words have power.  So, together, we changed our words in change our beliefs about ourselves and the world.


Melissa Camilleri speaker

Instead of "I'm too young to be taken seriously" it became "I offer a unique and fresh perspective."

Instead of "if I speak up, people will think I'm a bitch," it became "I speak my truth and do not shrink in fear of what others may think of me."

I'm feeling on cloud 9 today, knowing that I was divinely led to help others reframe their thoughts toward abundance in order for them to succeed.  Plus, the teacher in me got to make a power point presentation and use my teacher voice, which is always fun to break out in new settings. :)

We truly do rise by lifting others.

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