Saying Goodbye to Summer and Hello to... THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE?!

Saying Goodbye to Summer and Hello to... THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE?!

When people ask me about owning my own business, I often say it feels like I'm never working (because I LOOOOVE this company and it doesn't feel like "work") and that I'm always working (because really, my to-do list is never done).


This summer, with the exception of facilitating my 6th Instacourse cohort, I took  a break-- a glorious, long, unplanned, unannounced break. 


That's the beautiful thing about how my team and I have built Compliment.  We are serious about our work, and we are also serious about keeping our tanks full.  And that is what this summer was all about.


As we enter into the fall, there are some big things happening here at Compliment HQ.

Our beautiful intern, Lili, is starting her senior year of high school and is starting to apply for colleges!  WOO HOO, Lili!


Our brilliant Chief of Operations, Katrina, just transferred to Sacramento State to finish her degree in Business and Psychology.


I was asked to teach a course to business owners at the Savor Life Summit next month in Saugerties, NY!


And we are kicking off this month with an amazing cover story spread in The Perpetual You Magazine. (HOLY MOLY! How cool is that?!) The article is all about creating wealth through generosity-- and as we enter into fall and the season of gratitude, I hope that it offers up some inspiration for you!

Click the photo below, to link to flip through this beautiful magazine!

Compliment the Perpetual You


I hope that your summer months were restorative.  I hope your fall is full of new hope.  


I look forward to sharing all the goodness we have up our sleeves this season! :)


With love, Melissa


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