How to Be a Better Lover

How to Be a Better Lover

This week I was blessed to be able to take my family to Hawaii for a few days.  We don't often take this big of a vacation together, but this year called for something really special.  I've mentioned before the kind of year we had last year.  Lots and lots of loss.  But this year marks my parents 35th wedding anniversary (how awesome is that?!) and our collective decision to choose joy.  Travel brings my family great joy, so it was time to start saving and just do it.  (I've been making a habit these past few months of not waiting for ALL MY DUCKS TO BE IN A ROW before I choose to do something big.)

So, here we are in Hawaii, in sorta close quarters, all trying to figure out ways to best show each other love to make this experience special for my parents and, of course, us!
And it got me thinking about the amazing book I read long ago that impacted the lens through which I view my relationships--especially the ones that are most important to me.  Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages argues that people show love to others in five different ways.
five love languages by gary chapman
The way you show your love most commonly and easily is typically the way you feel most loved in return.  For example, take my idea for Compliment: a company who's entire mission is building up other women. Can you figure the two ways I feel most loved solely based on the premise?
Yep!  You guessed it:  Words of affirmation (the compliments that come inside the box) and gift-giving (a special "just-because" reminder of jewelry to show you care).  I show love in these ways easily because this is how I also feel most loved from those around me.
Compliment Luxe Letters Necklace
It's awesome when two people who speak the same love languages get together.  It's easy for them to feel very loved in that relationship. And I'm not just talking romantic relationships either.  I try and keep in mind the languages my brother, sister, parents, and friends speak, too.  They are important to me and I want them to feel loved.  It's not common though for you and all the people in your life to speak the same love language. That's why it's important to take note of how others feel most loved and then learn ways you can speak their love language, too. 
Do you know your own love language?  Do you know the language of the people closest to you?  Click here to take the quiz to see how you and others around you feel most loved, and be sure to leave a comment below letting me know in what order you speak the love languages!
Can't wait to hear what language you speak!
xox- Melissa
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