Baby Steps

It occurred to me the other day just in fact how many small steps have led me to this exact moment in time.  Although they may not have seemed significant at the time, it's important to me to remind myself of all the little achievements that have led me to great victories: sending that email, putting that package in the mail, meeting up with a new friend.

baby steps

Each of these examples led to something much greater: a big retail deal, a satisfied customer who told 10 of her friends about Compliment's attention to detail and quick shipment, a lifetime confidant.  

What if we give ourselves a lot more credit for those little accomplishments on a regular basis? Maybe you're going back to school, saving up for a vacation, getting back in shape, or working your way up the corporate ladder. Perhaps you're starting a new business or learning a new language.

When the process is long, it sometimes gets stressful.  

Remember when we were younger and we allowed our mini child selves to stop and relish in little accomplishments that led to new skills and habits?  We put stickers on a chart every time we brushed our teeth, took out the trash, or did the dishes without being asked. 

We can continue to celebrate our small victories. Create your own gold-star system.

gold star

Love those small steps and embrace them. Those steps are what are propelling us forward.  

Keep growing, friends.

xo- Melissa


PS- If you're already planning your 4th of July outfits, let me be the first to suggest LIBERTY.  The ring that is smokin' hot for the second summer in a row.


red star ring liberty

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