take the leap and fly coaching package.

The Take The Leap and Fly coaching package is tailored just for you and your needs.  

It is for the business-owner or executive who is ready to break out of the status quo, and the same old patterns that are making you plateau.  It is for people who are serious about their growth and are willing to work harder and smarter to get there.

I’ve worked with several small business owners through one-on-one programs to help them through their unique growing pains.  Their common desire all these business owners had was to be able to make more money without burning out and to share their talents and skills with more people-- to serve others in the best way possible.  They were all looking for greater work/life balance.  

If your business overwhelms you, or if making the kind of money you want to make seems like a far-off dream,  I want to help you.

My background:

I graduated from Saint Mary’s College of CA with a BA in English, got my teaching credential from Sac State and my Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch University in LA. 

I didn’t set out to be a business owner or a business coach, but I actually I think that has made me uniquely qualified for this work. 

I spent ten years teaching high school AVID, an educational system that is all about becoming your best self, breaking through your old stories, finding motivation, establishing accountability, and achieving your goals.  Sounds like just what you need, right?

Even though my background is doing this work with teens, eight years ago, I started working with adults, as well.   Though I’m now out of the classroom, and run my business full-time, I still continue to travel the country as a coach. In fact, I’ve coached tens of thousands of teachers in 17 states on things like literacy, best practices for management, mindset, motivation, and avoiding burnout. 

Since Compliment was founded in 2011, my business has grown between 200 and 1200% EACH YEAR.  This year, we are on track to quadruple sales compared to last year, which was our biggest year to date.

 I’m not a designer or business owner by trade. I don't have some miraculous set of lucky beans or even some God-given elusive talent to which I can attribute this success. Instead, I took small actionable steps every single day.

These steps are not unique to jewelry, or retail or even to products. 

 Instead, I attribute Compliment’s growth to sound marketing strategies, clear branding and positioning, creating a foundation from the beginning that supports expansion,  and adapting to changes in the market.

 I am candid about my own business growth for a few reasons:

  1. I want to show you that it’s not luck or having an idea that is better than anyone else’s that this growth has happened.  It’s been because of intention, and practice. And these are things that are learnable.
  2. I want to show you that I’m practicing what I preach.  I believe in other people.  I believe there is enough good, money, success, etc. for everyone.  This belief in others is what led me to become a teacher, an educational coach, and now a business coach.
  3. I always thought it was weird to hire a coach who hasn't actually  been there themselves.

 So let's get down to it...

Here are the things I can help you with in growing your business:




-Marketing (traditional and social)


-Focusing your Passion


-Making Complex Tasks/Concepts Manageable



-Breaking through money blocks


-Application of ideas


-Creating systems

-Hiring a team

-Creating a foundation for business expansion


-Task Orientation

-Time Management


Here are things I cannot help with:

-Accounting/Bookkeeping or tax advise (I can tell you what I do and the experts I use, but I hire out for this)

-Financial planning

-Legal advise (including, but not limited to entity designation)


 The Take the Leap and Fly Coaching Package is a three-month commitment.  We will meet once a week for 12 weeks via Skype during 75 minute calls.

Prior to our time together, I will send you an intake questionnaire that will allow me to get to know you before we ever meet officially.  It will give us the opportunity to maximize our time together so we can focused, tailored-to-you sessions and waste no time in getting stuff done.


My approach is meant to make things very actionable.  We will talk for 75 minutes. I will then follow up with an email that includes a recording of our call and action steps for the following week.


Your investment is  $2197, but only if you're ready to take the leap and fly.  

Spots are very limited. 


To book, click here.