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The day after the hearings, graphic designer, (and my former student!) friend, and fellow mother of 2, Tuesday Bacich, reached out to me.

She said she wanted to DO something about all the feelings she was harboring around the national narrative.

She was motivated to be LOUDER. Being an advocate for personal growth and mental health, she is fighting for herself, and every other who has had their sanity questioned, health affected, and heart broken.

Maybe it could be something around the immense courage and vulnerability it takes to speak your truth when you KNOW people are going to try to dismantle not just your words and memories, but your humanity.

Again, what are you willing to weather for what you believe?

So we teamed up to bring these limited edition mugs into the world.

This is the platform we have.

These mugs are reminders of who we want to be, and we have a feeling that there may be people in this community who want to let the world know who they are, as well.
The most powerful thing someone can do is to reach out to another human being as the imperfect, messy human they are. It shows great strength to be uncertain and authentic and unpolished and confused. To say, “I’m hurting.” Or “I’m sorry.” Or “I forgive you.” Or “I don’t know.” Or “You might think different of me, but….”


This is what true courage is made of. Vulnerability is not easy. Like, ever. So we hope these words, sitting on your desk each day, will serve as the encouragement you need to speak your truth.
I imagined this mug sitting on my desk in my classroom. I wish I had it then. Every teacher, every counselor, every single person in the helping professions should have one.

Our hope is that this mug serves as a message to those you interact with on a daily basis, that their stories are safe with you. That’s the given. This is how we want to live—as the person who believed someone when they spoke. Whether they share their trauma, or the dreams they hold tight in their hearts.


Are you? Do you?
These mugs are on presale for 20% off through Oct. 16 and will ship out the week of Oct 29. Use the code BELIEVE at checkout.

Until supplies run out, we will be donating 5% to our Compliment Scholarship Program (like always, to support underrepresented women pursue break the cycle of poverty) and an additional 5% to Futures Without Violence, an organization Tuesday and I both love and support, particularly for their focus on education.

From their website: Striving to reach new audiences and transform social norms, we train professionals such as doctors, nurses, judges, and athletic coaches on improving responses to violence and abuse. We also work with advocates, policymakers, and others to build sustainable community leadership and educate people everywhere about the importance of respect and healthy relationships.