Meet Daisy Guardado

2012 Compliment Scholarship Winner


Daisy Guardado is a brand-new freshman at Saint Mary's College of California. She says she chose SMC because "the school is a strong community. I wanted a school that would allow me to expand on myself and help me explore the joys of what the world has to offer. Saint Mary’s is constantly encouraging their students to build their passion, intelligence and spirt. With a motto of 'Enter to Learn, Learn to Serve,' Saint Mary’s instills students to work for a greater good with the community. My view of life seems to match well with my new school."

As a first generation American, born to parents who emigrated from Mexico and El Salvador to give their daughters a life with better opportunity, Daisy knows the importance of both hard work and education. She says the best compliment she's ever given was embedded in her college admissions essay she submitted to Saint Mary's.  She wrote about the sacrifices her mother made to push her in her education by working with her as she learned how to read English, even though her mother's own English was limited. She honored her mother through her words and it led her to where she is now.  Not surprisingly, this scholarship is paying for her books her first semester as she begins studying to become a teacher.

We wish Daisy the best as she learns to teach others to achieve their own greatness. Congratulations, Daisy!