grow your business through
instagram outreach.
authentically. organically. purposefully.
I will show you how in the 21 day instacourse
with melissa camilleri of @shopcompliment

Do you have a presence on Instagram, and maybe even post regularly but are hitting a wall when it comes to growing your following and sustaining engagement?

I remember the feeling.

It took me a full year and a half on Instagram to grow my following to 1000 people.

Then I got I smart.

The next year, I grew my following
@shopcompliment to over 30K.
I'm Melissa Camilleri, the Founder of @shopcompliment. I run my own purpose-driven business AND I teach others how to build community on Instagram.
My philosophies are simple: I believe that you can grow your community online by being real, making friends, doing good, and being open to learning. In the course, I teach you the strategies to make this happen for your business, too.
I have mastered the Instagram game and have grown my numbers of authentic, engaged, PAYING customers in just a handful of months using the exact same methods I will teach you in this training.

In plain terms: Instagram is my money-maker.
And it can be yours, too.

You're in the right place if you want to...


I did all this without extraordinary technical know-how.

In fact, I'm a high-school teacher by trade who now works full-time in my business, in large thanks to my Instagram marketing!
I've never purchased followers.
I've never paid for likes.
I don't have fancy photography equipment.
And I didn't gain my following by running ads.

It didn't happen over night. But...
If I can do it, you can do it too.
I'm here to walk you through
(with over 15 years in education) and have designed this course accordingly-- so that you get RESULTS.

Teaching is in my heart and is my art.

I want to teach you these not-so-secret
Instagram marketing secrets with you.
Through daily, super-simple, guided
exercises, you will discover the Instagram methods of power connectors, and figure out how to make the same strategies work for you and your business, no matter your industry.

This course is PACKED FULL of marketing
wisdom and actionable tasks you can start doing IMMEDIATELY to get the results you want.

You will learn the best ways to
feature your business on Instagram--what TO do...
...and most importantly, what NOT TO DO.


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you'll learn:
::how to craft your bio so that people want to buy your products/book your services.

::how to communicate your brand values through images.

::how to engage your following through hashtags, direct messaging, comments, stories and geotags.

::what and when to post.

::how to find and collaborate with key influencers in your niche.

::how to find your ideal customer on Instagram and engage them so they are more likely to buy from you.

::how to present your company in the best, most aesthetic way online.

::how to manage your time on social media.

::& much, much more.

check out what some of our instacourse participants are saying:

Nicole Salceda from @eyeforpretty
"I started the course with around 2000 
followers. In less than 4 months was up 
to over 13K. In the last two years, I kept implementing the lessons again and again and now, my interior design business has over 112K followers-- people all over the world who love the content I put out there. I think you can say the ball is rolling! 
Thank you for all your help!  I'm a believer! I love this class! It changed so much for me!
Cherie Bitanga from @thejarofsalt
 "Having found my way to Melissa’s class is perhaps one of the reasons why I have a career as an artist today.  Imagine my surprise when I found a letter from a writer of a local newspaper requesting an an interview. It was the first foreign media that took interest in my life as a professional artist in Singapore. A couple months later, I received a letter from a creative director with an invitation to be one of their artists for their surface design studio in the US. .
When I asked how they heard about my work, they both said they found me through Instagram. Because of this class, I've been whisked into a myriad of possibilities beyond what I could have imagined, thank you, Melissa, for your guidance in helping make it happen.
Wendy Hively from @charliemadisonoriginals
"I had no idea how much I would learn and what a huge growth opportunity this would be. I felt like I just clicked with Melissa’s teaching style - she is 
honest and straightforward and I appreciate that so much, especially when she knew exactly what needed to be said or done. She is patient and encouraging and pushed me to try 
things that were a bit out of my comfort zone - but now they don't seem scary at all. Most of all, Melissa was so willing to share and cheer me on from the sidelines and I am incredibly thankful for that."

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