prosperity rising: the 2018 midyear virtual planning retreat
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prosperity rising: the 2018 midyear virtual planning retreat

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You started your year off strong... and now, after a season of rest, let's reignite for a prosperous last half of the year.


Join me for the live virtual retreat-- PROSPERITY RISING, Monday August 13, 2018 9 am-1 pm Pacific.



  • A four hour retreat with Melissa Camilleri-- educator, mentor, and business owner-- where she will walk you through her system for creating a more meaningful, prosperous, and efficient life and business.
  • A 52-page color-planning guide for you to download and print and guide you through the written-exercises that we do during retreat.
  • The community of brilliant women who will be retreating together, holding one another accountable, inspiring one another, and achieving their goals side-by-side.


Here's what our LIVE participants had to say about the Prosper Virtual Planning Retreat we last held in January:

"I feel so much less overwhelmed by what I want from my year.  I have a clear plan of how I'm going to make it happen."


"I'm excited and hopeful for what this year holds!"


"It was really helpful having you guide us to break big ideas down into the steps we need to take in order to accomplish the things we want to accomplish."


"I feel supported, like I have a solid foundation under me, now that I have a plan."


- Don't start Q4 without a plan.  Book your spot now.  Spaces are limited to 20 participants.